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I am so half-ass at fandom, but apparently everyone is moving themselves the hell over to Dreamwidth so I finally got off my ass and imported my whole LJ account over there. Will it make me post more? Who knows.

Also, on a mostly unrelated note, I almost never watch karaoke-talent shows, i.e. American Idol, but I'm damned if the finalists on The X-Factor aren't exceptionally talented. I'm impressed.
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I have not dropped off the map again, I promise, despite the fact that it's been almost a month since I've done, well, anything here. The autumn is just shaping up to be incredibly busy -- weddings, engagements, babies, baby showers, birthdays, football, pumpkin carving parties, happy hours and Sunday dinners... I'm certainly not complaining, though. :)

Given all that, this is me trying to keep writing on my radar.

Man, do I ever have issues with Part 7 of Percy Weasley: Rogue Demon Hunter. If it wouldn't blow up the plot entirely, I'd just ditch it and move on to Part 8. :(

A few short bits from upcoming chapters, though, because why not?

'Hey, Tall, Dark and Groovy…' )

I pressed my brother into service doing an initial edit on Iteration, despite the fact that he's in the midst of his tenure review. I figured he owes me, since I let him talk to me for an hour about Freespace the other night. (I'm not a gamer by any stretch, but consider me... intrigued... by that one.)

Anyway, while chapters 1-4 of this one are off getting the professor-treatment, here's a bit of that as well.

Smugglers, as a group, tended to be highly superstitious. )
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30 Days of Fanfiction -- Days 19-22, Inspiration, Sequels & Fests/Challenges ) This is a great segue, though, into...

[profile] womenlovefest (On LiveJournal at: How much do I love this idea? A lot, like a whole lot. I am seriously pressed for time right now -- we are going to be at a wedding this weekend, have our own wedding anniversary and then will be traveling part of next week -- but I'm still going to try my hardest to talk at least a bit about some of my favorite female characters who don't get enough love. So awesome.
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I'd still love to hear from people on this post -- rec me an author, a fandom, community, journal, etc., you think I should be reading.

(And speaking of my slow reintroduction to fandom, etc., -- the LiveJournal ads appear to know where I had drinks last night, which is... creepy? Is this like a thing now?)

And, as promised here, for [profile] delentyevox, a fun little Albus/June/Hayden ficlet from the Dreamwalk Blue universe.

(Previous fics in this same timeline are New Year's Eve, 1937 and Oxford, 1938)

August, 1938: Albus's mother throws a rather nice garden party, at which Albus and Hayden almost (but don't quite) meet, Hayden waltzes, and June and Albus end up in the rosebushes. (Set in the Dreamwalk Blue universe.) )
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Question for the Star Wars EU folks hanging around (and I know there are a few of you ;)... Does poor Aves ever get a first name in EU canon (such as it is)? I've done some searching and can't find one, but that doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't exist. Any and all responses are greatly appreciated.

And in that vein, just because, here's a little bit of Aves from Iteration, because he's begun to steal the spotlight from Karrde as the hero of the piece...

'That doesn't have anything to do with the Republic or your war. This is personal, isn't it?' )

Also- I've finally gotten around to cleaning up my LiveJournal friends list (like two-thirds of which hadn't actually posted anything in years) and actually starting to make one on Dreamwidth, after my extended hiatus from fandom-type stuff. I'm admittedly still just sitting on the side of the fandom pool, dangling my feet in, but I do feel like maybe I should start to build back up my network. So, if you're so inclined...

Tell me who your favorite author(s) is in your fandom(s) du jour.

Or, knowing what direction my interests lie, recommend a community, journal, etc., you think I should be reading.

And if I've added you out of the blue recently, it's because you wrote something I liked or someone recommended your journal to me. :)


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